I. Job Description
 Develop Front-end UI for company’s software based on C++, Clojurescript, proctobuff, ZeroMQ.
 Participate to analyze construction and detail design for software.
 Write code, unit test.
 Complete and maintenance software.
II. Requirement
 Good English communication.
 Must have experience in developing Web applications in Javascript, CSS, twitter bootstrap.
 Have effective verbal and written communication skills, be able to work with both technical and business users.
 Have a commitment to delivering high-quality software and data.
 Must demonstrate a sense of urgency, and the ability to work independently and proactively in achieving team and individual objectives.
 Understand the business uses of data and develop designs and specifications to meet those
 Must be comfortable in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.
 Strong analytic and problem solving skills.
 Have strong attention to details and an inquisitive mindset.
 It is nice to be familiar with all the fancy controls used on dashboards (Highcharts ; Handsontable ), functional programming likes that of “redux” and Clojurescript.

 Javascript – widgets – plots, tables, webgl
 Styling - CSS, bootstrap
 Redux/react - immutable data in the browser
 Graphql - replacement for REST from Facebook
 Clojurescript, reagent – good luck!

 C++11 - smart pointers, variadic templates - legacy code
 Java/C# - C++ with airbags
 Engineering mindset – physics, calc, statistics, finance
 Data Scientist – predictive models, signal processing

Deployment and SysOps
 Continuous integration and testing
 Kubernets and docker
 Gitlab / bitbucket
 Issue tracker and PM tool

 Distributed architecture
 Clojure - big win, already elite
 Scala - big win there, cloud written in scala
 Haskell - pure functional, math guys
 F# - functional for VS
 Functional programming in school - scheme, list

 Stream processing
 Confluent kafka
 Apache spark/Hadoop
 Tensorflow AI
 Clara – rules engine
 Clojure.spec – validation

 Self-taught welcome, want people who love new things.

III. Benefits
 Trained according to job requirements.
 Attractive and negotiable net salary.
 Dynamic work environment, friendly colleagues.
 Covered social insurance, income tax.
IV. Other information
 Positions: 03.
 Job Type: Full-time.
 Working time: 8:00AM-5:30PM, Monday to Friday.

Ms.Nga – Email :
Address: 22D8, Saigon Pearl 92 Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Binh Thanh District Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: (+84 8) 6291 5579 |
Mobile: (+84) 98 235 3202