Software Donation to University of Technology, Vietnam

2015 Software Donation to University of Technology, Vietnam

Well Insight (EastSea Star Software Co. Ltd) and tNavigator (Rock Flow Dynamics)

7th April 2015


On 7th April 2015, at the University of Technology, Vietnam, the ceremony of well insight and tNavigator donation has been held in Faculty of Geology & Petroleum Engineering with the present of EastSea Star Software Co. Ltd (ESS), Rock Flow Dynamics (RFD) and Faculty Management Board of Geology & Petroleum Engineering.

Well Insight, developed by ESS, is designed to handle all types of fractured and conventional reservoirs. The software integrates conventional log data, borehole image data in an innovative way to estimate fractured reservoir porosity, permeability and water saturation. Well Insight has been being applied for fractured granite reservoir, fracture tight sand-stone in Vietnam, Sudan and fractured carbonate in Russian. <Read more…>

tNavigator is a powerful reservoir simulator developed by RFD. By taking advantage of the latest computing technologies, the software is the industry leading parallel dynamic reservoir simulator that efficiently utilizes all available computational resources. Furthermore, the distinctive feature – the interactive user control of the simulation run stands tNavigator out from any existing products. <Read more…>

The participated parties are very happy with the status of Well Insight and tNavigator. The faculty also expresses the appreciation for the donation of these software, which will enable teachers and students at the faculty understand and train with the newest technology. The ceremony has been organized successfully.