Workshop in Hanoi – Training Course

2015 Workshop in Hanoi - Training Course:
09-12 February 2015

Prof. Dr. Hoang Van Quy
Principal Geologist, Well Insight Technical Manager, EastSea Star Co. Ltd

Dr. Hoang Van Quy is a prominent Geologist with more than 30 years working experience in oil and gas industry. He has been in both hand-on technical and project management positions in Vietnam Petroleum Institute, Joint Venture Vietsovpetro and PetroVietnam Exploration & Production before serving as Principle Geologist, Well Insight Technical Manager of EastSea Star Software Co Ltd. In Vietnam and over the world, he was best well-known for fracture characterization and fracture petrophysics. He is honored to receive the Golden Medal Award of WIPO in Seoul and VIFOTEC Award for Invention in Vietnam. Enthusiastic with transferring knowledge and experience to new generation, he has successfully delivered many training courses for University and Oil operators since 2004.


Prerequisites: A basic understanding of petrophysical analysis, fractured basement and carbonate reservoir.
Objectives: Obtaining deep knowledge about petrophysical interpretation for various types of reservoirs:
• Introduction to petroleum system in the basement reservoirs, characterized by fractured systems, lithological model of the basement reservoirs
• Petrophysical characteristic of weathering and fresh granitoid zones
• Construction lithological model thereby determining permeability, porosity; concept to calculate residual water saturation
• Nelson Classification of Carbonate Reservoirs, set up suitable workflows for each pore space model in Carbonate Reservoir
• Learning the causes of low resistivity phenomenon in clastic reservoir. Methodologies for petrophysical interpreation of low resistivity reservoir
• Petrophysical Evaluation of fractured low porosity sand-stone reservoir.
To evaluate reservoirs and quickly identify flow zones. Robust reserves is achieved by the logical, systematic integration of all relevant data. Basic economics are addressed first by Quick Look Log Analysis for operations and then by a disciplined, logical process to optimize the interpretation of Porosity, Permeability and Saturation – the basis of Reserves. Low Contrast Low Resistivity Pay, clastics and carbonates are evaluated by straight forward integration techniques which outperform log analysis with direct, plain to see results.

Day 1. Petrophysıcal Evaluation for Fractured Basement Reservoir
Day 2. Petrophysıcal Evaluation for Carbonate Reservoir
Day 3. Advanced Petrophysical Evaluation for Clastic Reservoir
Day 4. Petrophysıcal Evaluation for Fracture Tigh Sandstone Reservoir

Tools: Reservoir Petrophysic (RP) Software - an integrated petrophysical software package which can handle different types of reservoir from fracture to clastic reservoir.
Course materials include handouts delivering during the training course.
Well Insight is an integrated petrophysical software package handling different types of reservoir from fracture to clastic reservoir. It is also the first petrophysical product has a complete workflow management tool for each interpretation section. Developed by a professional development team with vast experience in developing application in Petroleum industry, Well Insight has a fully interactive user interface and data analysis, multi-tasking.