Sofware Product

Gas Lift Surveillance Tool

WellTracer® is a patented gas-lifted well diagnostic and surveillance technology originally developed by Shell. WellTracer® creates a snapshot of the well performance by introducing a small volume of CO2 into the injection line then measuring CO2 concentration at the well head. WellTracer® equipment is highly portable and requires simple surface wellhead connections to rig up with no well intervention and no production deferment. Most operators have realized as much as 5% to 35% increased production as a result of using WellTracer®.
WellTracer® offers a low cost and effective method to determine lift gas entry points in the well quickly and reliably:

  • Detects operating lift depth
  • Detects multiple points of injection
  • Detects tubing leaks
  • Determines lift gas rate through each injection point
  • Determines allocation of lift gas to each string of a