Well-Insight™: Complete Solutions for interpreting your Well data

Well-Insight™ is a software platform powered by EastSea Star Software Co. Ltd for Petrophysicists, Geologists and Reservoir Engineers to interpret well data. Our Sofware has been designed to manage large well projects, to perform the full-spectrum of interpretation workflows for various reservoir types with batch processing capacity and full extensibility. Well-Insight™ has been widely adopted by the Service Companies, Oil & Gas Operators and Independent Consultants as a best value offering versus cost.”

Key features of Well-Insight™:

  • Easy to start your interpretation by choosing your reservoir types between Fractured Basement, Carbonate, Clastic and Tight reservoir; Well-Insight™ offers built-in workflows for each reservoir type and has been designed to assist the user in performing interactive comprehensive data analysis.
  • Intuitive workflow management allowing users to review all interpretation process, automate repetitive work, smoothly transfer data and interpretation models.
  • Robust tools for well administration of thousands of wells project, data clean up and harmonization.
  • Proven petrophysical analysis solution for fractured granitoid basement reservoir
  • Excellent user-experience in every tasks.
  • Flexible user’s programing tool allowing user to code specific program based on Well-Insight™ platform.
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