Screenshot of Well-Insight™

Well-Insight™ General Interface


The general interface of Well-Insight™ is intuitive, easy to use which you can find it very similar to nowadays word processor. Well-Insight™ is built on .NET platform which is very popular and the standard platform for window users.

You can see from the screenshot below. We have 4 sections that will be the main focus of the software:

- Top Toolbar - Where all the menu buttons are stayed
- Left Datatree - You can see your project here, interpretation, logplot, etc.
- Right Workflow Panel - This is the workflow for a particular interpretation (fractured basement, fractured carbonate, clastic, etc.)
- Main working area - This is where all you, petrophysics do everyday work.

In addition, all windows can be re-arranged to suit your needs, please see the tutorial video sections for more information.