Well-Insight™ New Release

Well-Insight™ New Release

Just several days to go, on 15th June 2015, EastSea Star Software Co.ltd will release our yearly new version of Well Insight Software. Besides Fracture Reservoir Petrophysics (FRP), Clastic module will be ready to serve this time. With wide range of functionalities, user friendly interface and innovative development, all three modules together are expected to facilitate and empower you with petrophysical work.

FRP Module

FRP is currently the first and only petrophycial product in the market dealing with fractured basement. The built – in workflow in the module is designed based on rich petrophysical experience on fractured basement in Vietnam, Sudan and CIS. Another unique feature of this module is overlay lines which will qualitatively help you classify granitoid rock types: diorite, granite or gradiorite. FRP also has robust multi – mineral solver enabling you to solve up to seven minerals model. Last but not least, the new concept and empirical equation to calculate residual water saturation and permeability integrated in the module will bring you to a new era of fractured petrophysical interpretation.

Clastic Module

Clastic module is built for conventional reservoir interpretation. With editable workflow, you can drag and drop interpretation steps to design your most appropriate process. The robust multi mineral solver concept is also applied within the module, enabling you to deal with complex lithology model. Not only that, we have also integrated thin bed and low resistivity models within the module which will enormously speed up your work.

Tight-Sand Stone Module

Only with Well Insight software can you find a separate module for tight-sandstone reservoir interpretation. With workflow concept, you now have specialized tool that is perfectly fitted to your actual need.