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Geoteric – 3D Seismic Interpretation Software For Oil & Gas
GeoTeric specializes in the application of cognitive interpretation workflows on 2D and 3D post-stack seismic data, providing solutions to most seismic interpretation challenges.
GeoTeric directly translates geophysical data into geological information to help you solve your interpretation challenges.
Geoteric’s Seismic Interpretation isn’t limited to our latest cutting-edge, it also gets the most out of Geoteric modules you already have to give you the confidence to make better-informed decisions. Transform your analysis today

Geoteric in geology

Geoteric’s workflow delivers a much superior vertical resolution than traditional techniques allowing you to see your Geology in high definition and extract more accurate geomorphologies

Spectral Enhancement

Geoteric allows for greater imaging of faults of all scales, better attribute extraction and more precise event thickness estimation.

Our Software Products


Improve signal to noise ratio and vertical resolution for the best possible post-stack seismic data conditioning results.


Interactively work with geophysical attributes in an intuitive workflow to understand the nature of the subsurface.


Adaptive interpretation delivers more accurate interpretation in less time. Incorporating the building blocks of machine learning.

Collaborative AI

Fault picking is inherent in the role of a geoscientist; however, it doesn’t need to be a cumbersome part of the role when building a complex interpretation.


Using machine learning, identify different seismic classes and relate them to your geological classes. Directly transfer the learning and models to your favourite geocellular modelling package.


Rather than wait to see if your geological model fits the dynamic performance of the reservoir test it against the geophysical data.