Honeywell Predict Corrosion Suite

The Honeywell Predict Corrosion Suite is a unique solution for today’s operations, which is driving a paradigm shift in tackling difficult corrosion problems, and achieving efficient and safe operations

EastSea Star in partnership with Honeywell Corrosion Solutions offers the industry-leading corrosion prediction software suite which allows you to accurately predict and assess corrosion. These software offer easy-to-implement solutions to complex corrosion prediction and material selection problems for process piping (refinery units), oil/gas pipelines and production systems.

Driving a New Approach to Corrosion Management

The Honeywell Predict Corrosion Suite enables users to move away from a reactive response to corrosion based on qualitative, manual inspections, to a proactive, reliability-centric predictive approach based on quantitative information from soft sensors and sound process deviation management and “what-if” scenario analysis tools.

Corrosion rates are visible together with operating data and are relevant to operational teams working on preventing damage and extending equipment life. Multiple stakeholders can leverage corrosion information for a more proactive approach to corrosion management that includes collaboration across the business.

Comprehensive Solutions Portfolio

The Honeywell Predict Corrosion Suite uniquely combines proprietary engineering models with decades of industry-specific research – resulting in software applications that transform process data into valuable corrosion intelligence.

Honeywell has developed a wide range of corrosion prediction solutions to address specific industries and applications


Predict® helps users predict and control carbon steel corrosion and erosion in CO2 and H2S environments. It is applicable to most Oil & Gas environments, as well as a number of midstream, pipeline and downstream applications.


Socrates® is a comprehensive corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) material selection system for corrosive oil and gas applications.


UniSim Design is a multi-purpose process simulation solution for process design, simulation, safety studies, operations monitoring and debottlenecking, digital twins, process optimization and business planning.