A fully Integrated Reservoir Simualtion

Why choose tNavigator?

tNavigatorTM is a powerful reservoir simulator developed by Rock Flow Dynamics. tNavigator is the only tank modelling software that is totally integrated by design, from G&G workflow to surface networks passing by the tank simulation model. The use of available computing resources is optimal, whether on a simple laptop or on the most modern of clouds.
By taking advantage of the latest computing technologies, the software is the industry leading parallel reservoir simulator that efficiently utilizes all available computational resources. Furthermore, the distinctive feature – the interactive user control of the simulation run stands tNavigator out from any existing products.

tNavigator ™ allows superior performance and so-far unmatched user efficiency for tank engineers in corporate or field tank simulation centers. Performance highly appreciated by oil companies.


Our team of multidisciplinary engineers at ESS will help you explore tNavigator ™ tool.





tNavigator integrates the following modules:

  • Geology Designer
  • Model Designer
  • PVT Designer
  • VFP Designer
  • Network Designer
  • Black Oil Simulator
  • Compositional Simulator
  • Thermal Compositional Simulator
  • Assisted History Matching and Uncertainty Analysis
  • Graphical User Interface