About Us

EastSea Star is one of the best independent E&P company based on production and proved reserves in VietNam.

Doan Viet Trung


Joseph Lambiase

Geological advisor

Mai Tran

Technical Manager

Our Mission

Eastsea Star Company Limited was founded by a group of experienced geoscientists, petroleum engineers and sale professionals with an absolute commitment to outstanding quality service.
Since our foundation, we have understood the challenges of petroleum exploration and production in Vietnam. Together with our partners worldwide, we are proud to be one of the leading service companies to provide integrated solutions for oil and gas operators.

Trust: We never compromise the quality of our products and services. Customer Oriented: Our solutions are fit to purpose, cost effective and delivered on time. Partnership: We always aim for an equally beneficial business relationship.

The EastSea Star development team has outstanding client collaboration skills and quickly implemented feature requests that transformed Well Insight 2015 into an economically priced multi-well processor for full spectrum petrophysical analysis of large well projects

Martin Trobec

General Manager, Chemostrat Canada.


Solving the complexities of oil and gas well planning requires a multidisciplinary approach. One which integrates the knowledge and best practices of data science and oil & gas subject matter domains. That’s why our team is built on the experiences of petroleum engineers, geologists, geophysicists, and computer scientists.


From product development and R&D to sales and customer success, our employees are always executing on a clear vision. They deliver meaningful work to revolutionize oil & gas well planning in one of the most important industries in the world.


We are providing software solutions for our partners worldwide. Such as Seismic Interpretation, Reservoir Simulation, Dynamic Simulation, Production Modeling and Digital Oilfield, Hydraulic Fracture design, E&P Database and Well Intervention.


We continuously strive to solve the unique challenges of oil & gas capital allocation while keeping pace with the ever-changing needs of well planning. ESS never stops innovating and continuously improving our technology.