PVTsim Nova

PVTsim Nova is a versatile PVT simulation program developed by Calsep for reservoir engineers, flow assurance specialists, PVT lab engineers and process engineers.

What is PVTsim?

PVTsim is a versatile PVT simulation program developed by Calsep for reservoir engineers, flow assurance specialists, PVT lab engineers and process engineers. PVTsim is used by leading oil producing and operating companies throughout the world. PVTsim Nova is an upgrade of the PVT simulation package.PVTsim allows in-depth properties simulation and research of fluids and with different embedded function modules. PVTsim provides a variety of state equations to complete accurate simulation and calculation for the fluid samples. The flow assurance module can be used for all kinds of fluids including natural gases, gas condensates, near critical fluids, black oils, and heavy oils, etc. to estimate the risks of hydrate, wax, asphaltene and scale and evaluate the potential settlement risks during pipeline transportation. Based on an extensive data material, PVTsim Nova carries the information from experimental PVT studies into simulation software in a consistent manner and without losing valuable information on the way. PVTsim Nova allows reservoir engineers, flow assurance specialists and process engineers to combine reliable fluid characterization procedures with robust and efficient regression algorithms to match fluid properties and experimental data. The fluid parameters may be exported to produce high quality input data for reservoir, pipeline and process simulators.
PVTsim Key Features:
By manual input or from its database, PVTsim can obtain the fluid information for quality check and related simulation. The lumping feature allows characterizing the fluid to different pseudo-component. Regression results a better match between the simulation and lab data. The Eos model developed by PVTsim can be stored in the database with the fluid, and can also be output for other simulators. 
The key function modules of PVTsim are:
    1. Fluid Management: add fluid data, define lumping scheme;
    2. Fluid Operation: tuning the reliability of simulation and allow quality check, Eos model management; 
    3. Flash & Processing: simulation of flash and processing, generate phase envelop and critical data;
    4. Flow Assurance:simulation of hydrate, wax, scale and asphalting;
    5. PVT & Reservoir: PVT data and simulation of reservoir experiments;
    6. Simulator Interface: output model and data files for other simulators;
    7. Tool & Setting: set PVTsim operations;
    8. Help: offer operating support and technical references.
PVTsim Key Benefits:
    1. A wide range of applications, covering the entire oil and gas chain
    2. High accuracy based on research and verify of extensive experimental data and actual data.
    3. The newest version PVTsim Nova has the more user-friendly interface and options.
    4. Popular Ribbon interface with flexible operation, easy to create, edit and export the fluid samples and simulation results.
    5. Create use-defined pseudo-component by lumping option and store in the database. 
    6. Varity of EoS models,user-defined common EoS model and store in the database.
    7. High simulation accuracy with regression feature. 
    8. Quality check for fluid sample, create QC report. 
    9. All the reports and drawings can be saved and output as other format.
   10. The models and data files from PVTsim can be used for other simulators in a consistent manner.