Digital transformation in oil & gas industry


It’s becoming increasingly evident that digital technology is transforming the oil and gas sector. The industry is being driven by real-time data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things, blending the physical and digital worlds. As a result, the concept of the ‘digital transformation’ has come into focus. A digital transformation is an environment where an oil and gas business’ data is automated to increase the speed of workflows and boost performance.

The role of digital transformation

The adoption of digital transformation in the oil and gas sector has been growing due to automation, data analytics and increased connectivity. It’s widely understood that the oil and gas sector has been slow to adapt to new technologies compared to other sectors, but over the past decade, oilfield technology has progressed rapidly, paving the way for a new era for the industry. Digital transformation has a range of benefits for the oil and gas sector, including using data to track the efficiency of equipment and mapping out the future of production.

Having a digital transformation could also help oil and gas businesses transition into greener practices. Digital transformation have the potential to redefine oil and gas through the creation of a secure, interconnected network. This could pave the way for higher fuel performance and deliver increased value for oil and gas providers.

Creating a digital transformation

If oil and gas companies want to remain relevant and competitive in the future, they need to embrace digitalisation. In Covid-19 situations, technology and digital transformation are among the key tools that can help the industry and make sure it’s still profitable in the future. So, how can companies create a sustainable digital environment for their oilfields? Firstly, companies need to take advantage of the range of the IoT management platforms that are available to them. Using such specialised platforms, that  connect different disciplines across a business, for example production and asset management, is an excellent way for oil and gas companies to automate the flow of data.

Creating a truly digital oilfield will drive better insights for oil and gas, and improve the overall quality of the supply chain. Above all, cloud technology and data will provide oil and gas companies an alternative solution to traditional processes and infrastructure. Digital transformation serves as a remote link across an entire company, making information and data immediately available. The role of technology in oil and gas has become all the more essential and digital oilfields are likely to continue to have a great impact on the sector.

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